Afterparty Dregs


How to Make The Afterparty Dregs

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Highball Glass

Ingredients List

• 4 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
• 2 ozPotter’s Creme de Cacao
• 1 ozGosling’s Black Seal Dark Rum
• 1 ozOccumare Gold Rum
• 1 ozPhillips’ Butterscotch Liqueur
• 1 oz Kahlúa
• 1 tbsp Bacardi 151 Rum

Recommended Glass

Highball Glass


The name says it all; the last little bits of the alcohol that were left over at a party were dumped into a Collins Glass and were surprisingly delicious. Tastes very mild; if one were already a bit drunk you might not notIce there was any alcohol in the drink at all, despite the Mix being pure booze. Good for getting someone drunk while letting them think you’re giving them a fairly light Mix 😉 Tastes like Green Creme de Menthe, but cuts your legs out from under you about halfway through! Pour all ingredients except the Demerara into large Mixer with Ice and shake until slightly frothed. Strain into highball glass or other suitably large container. Use the back of a tablespoon to float the 151 onto the drink. Serve with straw.

The Shopping List

Bailey’s Irish Cream | Creme de Cacao | Dark Rum | Gold Rum | Butterscotch Liqueur | Kahlúa | Bacardi 151 Rum



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