Argentine-Style Bellini


How to Make The Argentine-Style Bellini

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Champagne Flute

Ingredients List

• 3 oz Peach Nectar
• 5 ozcold Spanish Sparkling White Wine
• 1 thin slIce Peach
• 1 Raspberry

Recommended Glass

Champagne Flute


This Italian-style cocktail combination is very popular in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Though you can find many variations on this classic, some of which include Peach Schnapps and other Liqueurs, the simplest one seems to be the most elegant and tasty. Served in a champagne flute, this light cocktail is a great way to start any evening or party. Pour the Peach Nectar into an 8-ounce champagne glass or flute. Slowly add the sparkling wine or champagne. Stir, garnish with the Peach slIce and Raspberry, and serve immediately.

The Shopping List

Peach Nectar | Sparkling White Wine | Peach | Raspberry



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