Blue Jeans


How to Make The Blue Jeans

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Bartender’s Choice

Ingredients List

• 50 ml Gin
• 35 ml Lemon Juice
• 15 ml Blue Curacao
• 100 ml Tonic Water

Recommended Glass

Bartender’s Choice


Inventor – Adrian Frigioiu I love cocktails having a blue color :), so I use Blue Curacao in my experiments. This one was a success among my friends. Thinking about a name for it I came with BLUE JEANS (Blue Curacao and Gin).Into a Big Tumbler Glass put 5 – 6 Ice Cubes and a few thin slIces of Lemon. Pour the Lemon Juice squeezed from a half of a Lemon (~30ml), the Gin and the Tonic Water over the Ice in the glass. Mix everything for a few seconds. Bring the glass to the person who will drink it and pour the Blue Curacao into the glass… for effect Enjoy!

The Shopping List

Gin | Lemon Juice | Blue Curacao | Tonic Water



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