Captain Morgan’s a Limey!


How to Make The Captain Morgan’s a Limey!

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Old Fashioned Glass

Ingredients List

• 35 ml Captain Morgan SpIced Rum
• Ice
• Limes
• Sugar
• Soda Water

Recommended Glass

Old Fashioned Glass


Not to sure if it already has a name but asked 4 cocktail waiters in 2 different areas and they could not think of a name, so if there is an inventor let me know otherwise it’s me Ben Davis, and the oriGin is a small town called Beverley in the UK made in a pub called The Monks Walk and as usual I got bored and experimented a little take glass half fill with Ice then take 1 half Teaspoon of Sugar pour over the Ice take one 35ml measure of captain morgan’s SpIced Rum and pour over Ice and Sugar then squeeze 3 thick cut slIces of Lime into the glass with the last piece of Lime coat the rim of the glass add 35 to 45 ml of Soda Water then top with another one half Teaspoon of Sugar

The Shopping List

Captain Morgan SpIced Rum | Ice | Limes | Sugar | Soda Water



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