How to Make The B52-Slovak

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Shot Glass

Ingredients List

• 2 cl Absinth – Absinthe Herbal Liqueur
• 2 cl Bailey’s Irish Cream
• 1 cl Kahlúa

Recommended Glass

Shot Glass


The combination with Absinth 70% or 80% insTead of Stroh Rum 80% is typical Czech and Slovak. As I love Baileys and it is quite unknown here in Eastern Europe this is my way of introducing it. Fill in Kahlúa , then slowly put Baileys on top. Take a Teaspoon reverse in the glass and slowly put the Absinth on top (in Slovakia typically 70% is green, 80% is red). Take a straw and cut it in the middle so that it is 50% inside and 50% outside of the glass. DO NOT PUT THE STRAW IN THE GLASS. TRANSPORT THE GLASS WITH CARE. Set the Absinth on fire. Take your hair out of your face, remove your glasses! Take the straw in your mouth, and then head down and straw INTO THE STILL BURNING DRINK. Drink fast enough in one go – otherwise the straw is set on fire and you will just burn your lips or even your eyebrows!!

The Shopping List

Absinthe | Bailey’s Irish Cream | Kahlúa

A photo of this tasty cocktail recipe is coming soon!



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