Fruity Islander

How to Make The Fruity Islander

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Recommended Glass: Hurricane Glass

Ingredients List

• 2 oz Pina Colada Mix
• 2 oz Green Creme de Menthe
• 2 oz Cranberry Juice
• 2 ozLemon Lime Soda
• 2 oz 100 Proof Vodka

Recommended Glass

Hurricane Glass


When I first made this I made it in a 10 oz peels bottle w/ Everclear insTead of Vodka, if you just stir or shake this drink up you won’t notIce the alcohol at all. My brother was the first person to try my drink and didn’t notIce the Everclear and drank the 10 oz peels in one hit, the second hit he made was the floor! You can change the alcohol or Soda to anything you like and it still tastes great.When pouring the ingredients try and float as many as possible 1st: pour in your Green Creme de Menthe: try not to get any on the sides yet as this adds to the flavor and color later on. 2nd: pour in the Pina Colada Mix in the center of the Green Creme de Menthe: if done right the Syrup will ride up the sides of the glass and give the illusion that it is half full of Green Creme de Menthe. 3rd: pour the Soda and the Juice in at the same time or from a preMixed glass into the center of the Mix: usually the Juice and Soda wil Mix and float on top of the Green Creme de Menthe and the Mix giving a nIce red layer.4th: float your choIce of Vodka or any other 100+ Proof on top. Serve w/ a stir stick or umbrella and a piece of semi sweet dark Green Creme de Menthe

The Shopping List

Pina Colada Mix | Green Creme de Menthe | Cranberry Juice |Lemon Lime Soda | 100 Proof Vodka

A photo of this tasty cocktail recipe is coming soon!



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