How to Make The Dysentery

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Highball Glass

Ingredients List

• 1-2 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
• 1 tbsp Green Creme de Menthe
• 2 Dr. Pepper
• 1 shot Vodka

Recommended Glass

Highball Glass


This drink was invented one New Years Eve in Minnesota when a blizzard prevented travel to anywhere. In an effort to persevere and bring in the new year correctly, a stranded young man took inventory of what was available in the house, took bottles in hand and started to experiment. Being a fan of cement Mixers, and Abortions (shots) Ian Adams, Combined the Baileys with the other ingredients just to see what happened. The result was a rancid looking Mixture. But! on further inspection it smelled sweet, and tasted sweeter. The Drink was a hilarious hit with the other castaway party goers. It has a great shock value. Great taste. Gets the party going. Severe Dysentery is really good at covering up the taste of terrible, old, forgotten Vodka. It isn’t well known but it has been an entertaining beverage at several parties since then.Lightly Mix Green Creme de Menthe, and Baileys in separate Collins Glass. Pour Dr. Pepper into highball. Now Poor the Green Creme de Menthe Baileys into Dr.Pepper. Baileys will congeal. Add Vodka of you want Severe Dysentery

The Shopping List

Bailey’s Irish Cream | Green Creme de Menthe | Dr. Pepper | Vodka



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