Polish Trainwreck


How to Make The Polish Trainwreck

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Pint glass

Ingredients List

• 1/2 shot Blackberry Brandy
• 1/2 pint Birch Beer
• 1 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream

Recommended Glass

Pint glass


This drink was invented by Wioletta Katarzyna Wronska. It all began when I met this silly little immigrant in a bar in Trenton, New Jersey. I’m Irish so we did car bombs, and she felt left out and thought she should bring the Irish and Polish together with one fabulous drink that should be consumed in the same fashioned as a traditional car bomb. Henceforth, the Polish Trainwreck!Put half shot of Brandy in a pint glass. Fill glass halfway with Birch Beer. Serve shot of Baileys on the side. Drop in glass like an Irish Car Bomb and enjoy!

The Shopping List

Blackberry Brandy | Birch Beer | Bailey’s Irish Cream



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