Super Balrog


How to Make The Super Balrog

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Shot Glass

Ingredients List

• 1/3 shot Vodka
• 1/3 shot Tequila
• 1/3 shot Ouzo

Recommended Glass

Shot Glass


Invented in Cru Bar New Zealand by Craig Johnstone.(2006). This is the Balrog’s big brother which is slightly stronger due to the introduction of Ouzo insTead of the Sambuca. Balrog shots are named because of the burning sensation when drank. If you like this shot you will love the other members of the Balrog family e.g The balrog bomb, Emerald Balrog and Baby Balrog.*TIP: Try the Balrog first. Enjoy!!Pour equal measures of each of the three ingredients into a Shot Glass. Drink.

The Shopping List

Vodka | Tequila | Ouzo



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