The Drunken Monkey


How to Make The The Drunken Monkey

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Shot Glass

Ingredients List

• 1 oz 99 Bananas Banana Schnapps
• 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
• 1/2 oz Kahlúa

Recommended Glass

Shot Glass


Mike Lenk in Bakersfield, Ca. invented the drink. it’s oriGin came from a party where . flaming hot pumpkin pies. ” were the drink of choIce it took one’s breath away. Mike thought he needed to . “tone it down. ” a bit and came up with the perfect Mix. The strong Banana flavor is toned down by the Baileys but they were messy. Mike was introduced to 99 Bananas (99 Proof Banana Schnapps) at the Hyatt Regency cocktail lounge in Long Beach via a drink called . “Jamaican Me Crazy. ” and loved it. Mike developed his own array of drinks made using 99 Bananas with great success- however that drank too much 99 Bananas sometimes turned toward the dark side. and the sweetness of the Kahlúa . It WORKED! In fact 85 to 90% of those that try a Drunken Monkey really like them.. and to date 100% of the parties Mike has taken his Drunken Monkeys to have been a blast! Drunken Monkey’s can also be served on the rocks

The Shopping List

99 Bananas Banana Schnapps | Bailey’s Irish Cream | Kahlúa



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