Tk special


How to Make The Tk special

Cocktail Category:
Recommended Glass: Shot Glass

Ingredients List

• 6 oz Two Fingers Gold Tequila
• 3 oz Dailey’s Strawberry Daquiri Mix

Recommended Glass

Shot Glass


I invented this. It tastes like Candy but potent. Don’t exact Mix it just pour a lot of Tequila and a little Strawberry Mix. You can literally down a fifth of Tequila with this in under half an hour. You won’t get drunk for about twenty minutes though. it’s like creeper drink, so if your driving be sure you get to the destination in about 15 mins cause your gonna be drunk after that.Mix in a boston cocktail shaker Tequila and Strawberry Daiquiri Mix over Ice. Shake and pour into Shot Glass.

The Shopping List

Two Fingers Gold Tequila | Dailey’s Strawberry Daquiri Mix



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