Summer Mind Eraser

How to make the Summer Mind Eraser – First, fill the champagne flute with heaps of Ice. Next, pour in your Schnapps and Midori. Now fill the flute to the top with Champagne. Let the drink settle for a minute (especially if you’ve been pouring behind a busy, bumpy nightclub!). Use a long bar straw to drink the shot from the bottom up (push the straw right to the bottom of the flute before starting), all at once! Very ImPortant – Don’t stop in the middle of the drink!

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Original Sin

How to make the Original Sin – Add Crushed Ice to snifter or gobblet. Add Triple Sec, Brandy, Cherry Heering, Grenadine Syrup and Sour Mix. Stir contents. Add slIced fruit. Top off glass with Champagne.

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Hina Blast

How to make the Hina Blast – Heat vine, add raisins and boiled. Mix Cola, Tequila, Orange Juice and add to boiled vine with raisins. Toss Bananas with hot red Pepper flakes. Pour Dom Perignon over Bananas. Mix everything together and store in a glass jar. Put in a fridge for 8 hours. Served chilled with fresh Cherries. Enjoy !!!

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How to make the Americana – Stir the Whiskey, the Bitters and the Sugar in a Collins Glass until the Sugar is dissolved. Fill up with champagne and garnish with a slIce of Peach.

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How to make the Waverunner – Shake all ingredients (except for the Champagne) with Ice. Strain into a Sugar rimmed Cocktail Glass. Top with champagne. Squeeze and drop another wedge of Lemon into the drink (the other two should still be in the tin).

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Pink Millenium

How to make the Pink Millenium – Mix Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Simple Syrup. Pour into a champagne coupe or flute. Fill with champagne or a Dry Sparkling Wine.

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