Wild Sex

How to make the Wild Sex – Fill glass with Ice and pour Malibu, Peach Schnapps and 151 into glass. After putting the right amount of liquor put your Juices on top and splash of Grenadine Syrup. When you have all of that done take your shaker tin, fitting it on top of the glass and give it a couple of good shakes.

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How to make the Seizure – Put Crushed Ice in glass. Pour in ingredients. Mix through a couple times and serve.

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Southern Dream

How to make the Southern Dream – Fill an Old Fashioned Glass half full with Ice Cubes. Next pour the Southern Comfort® in, than add the Schnapps, being careful not to Mix the drinks too much.

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Sucker Punch

How to make the Sucker Punch – Put Crushed Ice in glass about a quarter of the way up. Pour in Vodka, Peach Schnapps and the three Juices (Apple, Orange, and Cranberry.) Stir through a couple of times.

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Summer Mind Eraser

How to make the Summer Mind Eraser – First, fill the champagne flute with heaps of Ice. Next, pour in your Schnapps and Midori. Now fill the flute to the top with Champagne. Let the drink settle for a minute (especially if you’ve been pouring behind a busy, bumpy nightclub!). Use a long bar straw to drink the shot from the bottom up (push the straw right to the bottom of the flute before starting), all at once! Very ImPortant – Don’t stop in the middle of the drink!

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Russian Iceberg

How to make the Russian Iceberg – Fill tumbler with Ice. Lean to 45 degree angle and pour Creme de Menthe down the side of the glass to fill bottom. Repeat pour with Rumple Minze® Peppermint and Vodka. Do not stir. The intent is to make layers with the liquors (so that it looks like an Iceberg.) Stick a straw in the middle of the drink and drink the whole drink at once through the straw.

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