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Joan Miro

How to make the Joan Miro – Pour all ingredients into Mixing glass filled with Ice, stir, strain into Cocktail Glass. Garnish with a red Cherry.

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Triple J

How to make the Triple J – it’s very very simple, and hard core. Mix equal parts of the ingredients in any way you see fit, then shoot your way to glory (and quite possibly death). Enjoy!

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Wise Bomb

How to make the Wise Bomb – Pour all Whiskeys and irish Cream into a 2 oz double-Shot Glass. Pour half a pint of Guinness into a Beer Mug or pint glass. Drop the Shot Glass into the stout, and chug.

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Five Star General #2

How to make the Five Star General #2 – Add equal parts of each liquor to a cocktail shaker half-filled with Ice Cubes. Shake well, strain into Shot Glasses and serve.

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