Berry LemonTini


How To Make The

Berry LemonTini

Ingredients List

• 3 oz Blueberry Vodka
• 2 oz Lemonade
• Float Chambord®

Recommended Glass


For better color you can shake the Blueberry’s with a little of their Juices in with the Vodka and Lemonade take the Blueberry’s and let them soak in a little Simple Syrup for a few hours it makes a great Blueberry Simple Syrup with this vibrant blue color(Use Fresh made Lemonade if possible not powered Mixes but fresh Juiced with Simple Syrup it makes a huge difference)My name is Aubrey perron I work at a restaurant called the Firebox in Hartford Connecticut we were all trying to think of some good summer drinks to add to the menu and I love Blueberry Vodka but the only thing anyone could think to do with it was to add it to Lemon Lime Soda or Ginger Ale and that’s not my Collins Glass of Tea. My mother had recently been diagnosed with cancer and in the process of learning about her condition I found out about a organization called Alex’s Lemonade stand. it’s about a little boy who sold Lemonade to help get money together to supPort kids who have cancer like himself. when he died his family set up a organization to keep his dream alive called Alex Lemonade stand they even make mike and Ice candies for his cause. With that in mind and thinking about summer I thought what better in the summer then a refreshing Lemonade? And Blueberry Lemonade would be so yummy. I ended up adding the Chambord®for a little color and that tiny touch of a . Mixed berry. ” flavor in the finish. it’s one of our most popular drinks at the restaurant now and the bartenders love it because it’s really easy to make. IN a 5 oz martini shaker add Vodka Ice and Lemonade fresh squeezed if possible not the powered stuff it makes a huge difference in the flavor..

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A photo of this tasty cocktail recipe is coming soon!

Berry LemonTini