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Acapulco Twister

How to make the Acapulco Twister – Mix the Lemon, Hot Pepper Sauce, Clamato Juice, Salt and Pepper. Fill the glass with some Ice, add the Rum and fill with Corona® Beer.

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Carbomb #2

How to make the Carbomb #2 – Combine (proPortions of 50/50) Baileys Irish Cream and irish Whiskey into one Shot Glass. Drop the shot into a mug of guinness and chugg until empty.

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Suburban Warhead

How to make the Suburban Warhead – Mix the Vodka, Tequila, Aftershock, Beer, and Lemonade in a blender. Blend until a smooth frothy substance is achieved. Fill Beer Mug with drink and prepared to be hit with a Suburban Warhead

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Irish Russian

How to make the Irish Russian – Add the ingredients in the order listed in the recipe. Care must be taken when adding the Guinness to prevent an excess of foam. Do Not add Ice.

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Evil Corona®

How to make the Evil Corona® – Pour (drink) the first 2 oz. of corona, and add 2 oz. of Absolut Citron. Cap top of bottle and turn upside down for about 5 seconds. Serve with a Lime wedge.

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Beer Breezer

How to make the Beer Breezer – Add freezer chilled Vodka to frosted glass, add tabasco and Celery Salt, top up with very cold very strong Beer.

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Michelada Regular

How to make the Michelada Regular – Add Lemon Juice to the Ice Cubes in Beer Mug. Add Salt and stir to blend. Add Tequila and stir to blend. Fill with Corona®, Sol or Dos Equis.

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Cloudy Day

How to make the Cloudy Day – Drink the neck of the bottle of Corona®. Fill in with Tequila and then add Lime wedge. Turn bottle over to Mix the ingredients, making sure to keep your thumb on the opening, as not to spill.

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How to make the Monaco – Start with the Grenadine Syrup, then Beer, then 7up. Stir well on the rocks, and you’re good to go.

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