Punch / Party Drink

Wet Snatch

How to make the Wet Snatch – Add blue Raspberry to Ice, add Vanilla, Pineapple, and Coconut, then blend. Add Tequila, blend again. Whipped Cream on top optional.

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Wild Sex

How to make the Wild Sex – Fill glass with Ice and pour Malibu, Peach Schnapps and 151 into glass. After putting the right amount of liquor put your Juices on top and splash of Grenadine Syrup. When you have all of that done take your shaker tin, fitting it on top of the glass and give it a couple of good shakes.

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Southern Santa

How to make the Southern Santa – Fill highball half full with Ice. Add Coconut Rum. Fill with Eggnog. Stir in Grenadine Syrup to desired red (no more than 1 oz).

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Peach Fuzz

How to make the Peach Fuzz – Fill blender 1/2 full with Ice Cubes. Add 6 oz. can of frozen Limeade. Add 6 oz. Vodka (use Limeade can to measure). Add 2 ripe Peaches (remove pit and slIce). Whip it!

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Hop, Skip, and Go Naked #2

How to make the Hop, Skip, and Go Naked #2 – First dump in bag of Ice. Next add the cans of Limeade and Lemonade. Now add 2 liter bottle of Lemon Lime Soda. Next add 1/2 gallon of Vodka. Then add 20-24 cans of Beer.

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Summer Punch

How to make the Summer Punch – Put a block of Ice in a Punch bowl. Pour in wine and Creme de Cassis, and stir. Float Orange slIces and Strawberries on top. Serve in 4-ounce Punch glasses.

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